Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heck, It's Fire Drill.

I know, I know.
I should be studying for my tests but I just feel like spending some time here before things get super tensed up in a week's time. *sighs*

So, what happened was, yesterday, around 12 something in the morning, everybody in my dormitory was awakened by the stupid fire alarm.
I didn't want to go down and thought of keeping my slippers in the room so that nobody would know my roomies and myself w
ere in the room.

But heck, if we get caught, we'll have our student cards confiscated and get fined MYR50 for that!
So, we decided to go down in the e

Accompanied by hundreds, we walked towards the empty field and listened to some tranny lookalike fellow (though he doesn't dress like one) for almost one dem hour!!!!
Feeling bored, I decided to take
some pics to put into my blog.

This is CC. Poor girl, already sleeping halfway but was forced to come down. Hope she did well in her French test!

So, I ended up sleeping from 0130 till 0700. And I was practically dozing off while doing my test as well. Isn't that GREAT?

ps: Photos aren't that clear. I don't have SLR okay! At least, not for now. HAHA


1PluS1=2 said...

aww... poor thing.. guess thats life in uni right.. haha... good luck k!

Jaryn said...

i tagged you chia li! omg why are there so many taggings nowadays!

sorrrry. I just have to tag you!!


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