Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The 3 Deadly Minutes

This was the duration I had to complete my 6 Visual Basic quiz questions.

Heck, I thought it wasn't going to be that tough but the lecturer proved me wrong. :(

Right when the clock struck 1400, everybody was trying to figure out what the questions are going to be like.

But, lucky for me, at 1430, I met a bunch of friends in the computer lab who have tried the questions first hand and yayy!

I got full marks.

I wasn't proud of myself because I could have tried to answer on my own.
But with only 3 minutes and without any help, I could have gotten only like, say 2 or 3 out of 6 questions correct.

So, here's to Chun Choong, Shu Hong, Chenn Yang and the rest who was surrounding me while I was attempting the questions:

KUDOS and A Gazillion THANK YOUs!


Kokd said...

See la, Prison break summore when you are suppose to be studying..

CL said...

it was really difficult ok..fine lo. you come and do and see..=P

CL said...

and i didn't watch prison break OKAY! i was busy master-ing photoshop. hehehe

Quin said...

ah... just wait till ur lect come across this blog.. haha.. well, we sometimes have to do things to survive, agree?

CL said...

yup. totally. haha.
erm. let's just hope he's not gonna see my blog address in facebook or just randomly see it anywhere.
scary. :P

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