Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy Freakin' Days Ahead

Finally. The dreaded weeks are here.
The weeks which I have to continuously look at the tiny typed written lecture notes before summarizing them into my own hand written notes.

The weeks which I say "Bye-bye, Entertainment" and "Hello, you brain-squeezing sheets of notes".

And around this time is when my mood will go up and down without any particular reason.
Do not mind me if I happen to blurt out words or show some silly expressions which are not typical.

Gawd. I have tests and an assignment to work on now!
Wherefore art thou, light bulbs?



Kokd said...

Bb, did u do something to ur blog again? XP cant see your side bar!!

Quin said...

um.. hopefully this will make ur day? coz i have awarded you with a BUTTERFLY AWARD for being one of the coolest blogs i have read!

want the details? go here:

CL said...

hhaa. now i'm leaving another comment in my own blog. thank u again kq! i wana award yours too. very soon after i clear all the clutter in my brain. :) *i promise!

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