Monday, October 27, 2008


I wasn't supposed to blog today.
But seeing that I was pretty bored staring at my notes,
I thought of just blogging about how I started off blogging and become a blogger fan myself. Hmm.

I started off blogging in Spaces in MSN. For those who have my MSN, I'm pretty sure you guys have seen the yellow blinking star beside my nick. *blinkblink*
I didn't really bother to update it that often as I was quite a reserved person.
But I came to a point where I realised instead of directly telling people how I feel, I might as well just blog them down and let those who wish to know me more well, get to know more about me!
Okie, that sounds rather lame.

So, I started to blog more often when I entered uni.
At first, it was once in a blue moon, then it became once a week and heck!, now it's a daily routine!
From my first entry in blogspot, I said I've changed from Spaces to Blogspot.
The reason was because Spaces was quite complicated for a computer illiterate girl like me.
I couldn't centralize my photos, I couldn't find the template or arrange them the way I do, the worst is, I couldn't delete my photo album and there were like double photo albums!!
And yada yada yada, the list goes on.

So, instead of making myself upset over the things I wished I knew how to change, I decided to move to a swankier place:
But...actually I had this blogspot account sometime ago but I didn't update it because I was kinda blur on how to operate the whole blogging thing.
But, no sweat! Now, I'm still exploring ways to make my blog look cooler.
So y'all, be patient! :)

Well, talking about blogging (erm..HAHAHA), I browsed through a few blogspots lately. I realised bloggers do come in all ages.
The youngest I've seen so far is from a 16 year-old girl.
She looks pretty matured for a 16 year old. And dang, she's hot. HAHAHAH.
I actually downloaded her pics, thought of showing it here then I read her message at the sidebar. It says,
"Do not rip my stuff off, please have some integrity and seek permission first."

Hence, no photo for y'all to scope at that hot girl! :P
So, now I'm still blogging when I told CC it only took me 20 mins to blog when I know what to blog about. Sheesh.

Have a piece of me before I end this entry! :))

Much love, CL. \(^.^)/


Quin said...

nice.. i started blogging when i realized how much i love reading my own thoughts. i guess this is one way to talk all the way without being interrupted. happy blogging!!

CL said...

haha. yeah. get to say whatever and whenever we want to. i think my blog looks pretty lame. hmm. need to think of more ways to make it more colorful! :)

Ping Ping said...

i started writing because I am too lazy to explain anything to my family. To my dismay, the more I blog, the more I have to explain. But no sweat, I found new reason to blog, not only I get to write down my thoughts and life, I get to earn money. XD

CL said...

wahahah. u're my inspiration la ping ping!! u seriously earned so much from NN? wat did u do actually? care to tell? :)

Simple Simon said...

my email :
hehe.. thanks alot chia li~~
happy blogging ya ^^

Simple Simon said...

wah.. u change your layout again a?
herm.. idealess.. haha..
haih... if cannot than i'll find you when i'm back in penang ok? hehe
thanks btw
and sorry for the trouble

CL said...

haha. i'll tell u the reason in my next entry. Soon soon. Before the day ends. HEHE. nah. zip only. no trouble at all. :)

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