Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bigger IS Better, Agree?

Please forgive me if you happen to think that the title sounds a bit too obscene. :P
I meant to say the fonts, the space and even the clocks are bigger now!
I guess I've had it with the small fonts and dark background I used to have.
After all, life is all about changes, no? And changes make life more colorful, ain't it?
Yeah..go ahead..call me fickle-minded or whatever.
I changed it because I adore changes. Errr...duh.

And yesh, another reason was because the old layout clashed with a friend's.
I know I can't escape this all the time because the whole blogging thing is getting more famous than ever and people are becoming more aware of it.
Hence, there'll be new bloggers from time to time.

But as long as I'm the author of my own blog, I guess I can change all the time, RIGGHHT?
Done with the whole layout thing, kay?

Next up, well, nothing to say for the day.
Apparently I'm still excited but I do not have a single idea as to why I feel that way.

Is it because: i) I finally get to eat fruits after more than a week of being erm..fruit deprived??


ii) I managed to finally start doing past years questions?


iii) Babe sent me an email last night which only has 5 words in it? (Should I even be excited about that??)

If you're still wondering what the answer is, let me tell you: Didn't I tell you that I have no idea??

Okay..this entry is getting boring. But I'm nowhere near the end. HAHAHAHA.

Okay. 5 minutes just passed and I still do not know what to blog about. So, tata! :)

This is to say: Good morning you people in UK! (Fine, fine, it's specifically to one person. Hehe)
And please overlook the messy hair and all. I camwhore all the time. Including in Pizza Hut. OMG. HAHAH. Bad one.


Dinner updates! My cousin, Nicholas took us (his roomies : Derrick & 2 other juniors and myself) to a dinner in a land far far away.
And yes, when I say far, it means really far just for a fried porridge. Haha. We went across the border kay!
Was good though. The journey was accompanied with laughters and nonsense :P
The initial plan was ruined when the shop was closed. :((( Bad timing.
Then, we headed to the other so called not-so-nice fried porridge shop and decided to give it a try.
It was alright. But the auntie there surely scared my cousin off. :D
Went out for more than 2 hours and now my bum is stuck to the chair again.
Till next time! :)) No pics. I know..sad right.

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