Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Test Is Over!

Oh yea, my test is finally over! For this week, BAH.
I couldn't answer 1 out of the 7 questions though. ):
I wouldn't say it's a bad thing cause I seriously have no idea how to answer it. Hehe.

So now, back to business, THERMODYNAMICS.
This is one subject I love and hate at the same time.
Wondering why I suddenly talk about thermo?
That's because I haven't been revising on it since like, forever!

Looking forward to Raya holidays though.
It's gonna be a study packed holiday for me.
At the same time, I wanna chill!

As for now, PEACE y'all!


Quin said...

hehe, hi chia li. found ur blog thru jaryn, i think, and it was a pleasant find.

ah, the joy of exams finally being over. do enjoy ur break, which i'm sure is definite.

take care.

Chia Li said...

hey kok quin!
do u realise i linked u to my blog??
exams are coming! but test BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS is over. Haha.
How u la?
and btw...i want the steamboat dinner pics we took during evelyn's birthday!! :)

Quin said...

omg~~ i dun know where i put the pics d.. so long d, aiya..

okok, will try to find. ya, i saw the link there, and i was wondering since when did u "stalk" me?

but that link is an old one, do check out my new blog:

hehe, will look forward to ur visit there, k?

Chia Li said...

yup. will sure check it out! linked it to mine d too! :D

hmm. okie then. do upload the pics when u found them!! heheh.

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