Friday, September 26, 2008

Tea Anyone?

Today, today. Had my Visual Basic class as usual. Boring as usual too.
Ended pretty early and guess what, the lecturer cabut even earlier than any of us did.
It was a torturous day for me because my tooth was aching and my body was so heaty that I could hardly eat properly thanks to my swollen tongue, if ya know what I mean.

But luckily, it got better later in the evening!
Me and my girls went out to have dinner at a nearby tea house.
I found out that tea can get me high very easily. Or was it the company? Hmmm.
Talking about the former, it was my 2nd time there but still I was so high.
If only alcohol could get me this high. Haha. I have high tolerance towards alcohol kay. Try me :)
We went out at about 7pm and reached campus almost 11pm. Scary isn't it how a tea house could make a bunch of not so-innocent girls stay till so long.

With my Kakak, a smartie.

With Ah Choon, THE smartie.

Lup Lup couldn't resist me at times. Most of the times. Hehehe.

Left to right: Zhe Min, Me and Yu Xuan.

I started out the whole picture-taking frenzy and got a few friends down with me. Hee.
Photos are yet to be uploaded because my dear friend, Zhe Min went to have supper not long after we came back from dinner. And that's what I call 'respecto!' :D

A small corner of the tea house.

Me pretending to look pro.

Tomorrow's the last day of class before Raya break!
The weekend I dreaded the most has reached.
The final countdown officially begins. TICK TOCK.... *frowns*

ps: I screwed up the posting time somehow. Do not ask me why!!

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