Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Taste of Love

Spent most of the time in Babe's house in Sunway today (oh well, yesterday).
Did some ingredients and home improvement shopping with the rest of the family at Pyramid.
His mom suggested that we should try the JCo Donuts which was so droolworthy! hheheh.

See how many ppl were queueing up for the colorful donuts!

Look at those mouth-watering donuts..YUMMY!!

And the decor lights made of cups! hot cups

Sooo excited to get to eat his own made Spaghetti Carbonara! Yummy!
Came back feeling worn out after so much walking and indigestion at the same time.
Started cooking at 1845 and i was all so psyched-up for a simple meal that Love is gonna prepare!

The man in the kitchen.

Tada! The end product! Looks nice but it was pretty gooey though because the MAN doesn't know how to estimate the amount of carbonara sauce needed. Heeheh.

So, that was it for the day. Oh, you wanna know how did it taste like?

Read the title, would ya? HAHA.

ps: These are the medications from the doctor after I told her I've been coughing for almost a week. Which I lied because it was actually almost 2 weeks. Can you even imagine what else she would give me if I told her the latter? :s


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwww....... taste of love.. so shwwwweeeetttt!

girl, get well soon alryte?

p/s: get a cbox! :P

Chia Li said...

cbox?? where to get?? hmm...let me go find out and see. feeling better d..thanks jia ying! how u btw??

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