Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Final Trip

Class has officially ended today. Only for the holiday I mean.

I rushed back to my dorm straight after class knowing that my cousin was already waiting for me.
His car was as packed as usual. Heehee.

Reached the terminal at about 1330 and I made a frantic last minute search for the ticketing counter.
I got into a bus which I haven't seen before in my entire life.
Babe bought a single seat for me. 10Q!
However, much to my surprise, I saw a cockroach! on the curtain near my seat.
There was a lot of decibels invovled when I was screaming my head off.
Thank God I didn't encounter any physical contact with any of those creatures..ARGH.
There goes my entire day, I thought to myself.

Met up with Babe at Pudu (oh, did I mention that I was on the bus to KL? oopsie.)and had our late dinner at a mamak.
Maggi goreng tambah mata kerbau!
But it came with scrambled egg. Whose fault, whose fault was it???? Babe arrrrrr.
Nonetheless, it was delicious and my sore throat said 'Hie' to me once more.

Till I say bye to KL, BYE for now! huh?


Jaryn said...

i have a love-hate relationship with cockroaches!! they love appearing in my room! MY ROOOM!

Chia Li said... disgusting kay! i freaked out during the entire journey there!

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