Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do Not Look At My Right Eye

Yesterday, all kinds of naughty viruses decided to attack me again. This time, it's my right eye. After napping yesterday, I woke up with my eye so sore that all I saw was red. Haha. No-lah. It's just that I think I've got infected with conjunctivitis. It got worse this morning when I woke up at 0720. I looked into the mirror and saw my eye swollen like a buah ciku. Seriously! There was no eyelid at all! The swelling subsided after 3 hours much thanks to the massage I did for the whole 3 dem hours with a wet cloth. A bit too embarrased to go down to the cafeteria you see. Hee :)

Babe came to my campus in the afternoon. We cycled out to have lunch at a nearby coffee shop. Chit-chat for about 2 hours and it's time for him to head home with the shuttle bus. The date was short but sweet. Another first time. *grins*

Now, my eye is much better and there's no more greenish discharge though the blood vessels are still visible. Thank God. Cause' if not, I'd have problem doing my test tomorrow!! *smiles*

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