Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Taste of Love

Spent most of the time in Babe's house in Sunway today (oh well, yesterday).
Did some ingredients and home improvement shopping with the rest of the family at Pyramid.
His mom suggested that we should try the JCo Donuts which was so droolworthy! hheheh.

See how many ppl were queueing up for the colorful donuts!

Look at those mouth-watering donuts..YUMMY!!

And the decor lights made of cups! hot cups

Sooo excited to get to eat his own made Spaghetti Carbonara! Yummy!
Came back feeling worn out after so much walking and indigestion at the same time.
Started cooking at 1845 and i was all so psyched-up for a simple meal that Love is gonna prepare!

The man in the kitchen.

Tada! The end product! Looks nice but it was pretty gooey though because the MAN doesn't know how to estimate the amount of carbonara sauce needed. Heeheh.

So, that was it for the day. Oh, you wanna know how did it taste like?

Read the title, would ya? HAHA.

ps: These are the medications from the doctor after I told her I've been coughing for almost a week. Which I lied because it was actually almost 2 weeks. Can you even imagine what else she would give me if I told her the latter? :s

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Final Trip

Class has officially ended today. Only for the holiday I mean.

I rushed back to my dorm straight after class knowing that my cousin was already waiting for me.
His car was as packed as usual. Heehee.

Reached the terminal at about 1330 and I made a frantic last minute search for the ticketing counter.
I got into a bus which I haven't seen before in my entire life.
Babe bought a single seat for me. 10Q!
However, much to my surprise, I saw a cockroach! on the curtain near my seat.
There was a lot of decibels invovled when I was screaming my head off.
Thank God I didn't encounter any physical contact with any of those creatures..ARGH.
There goes my entire day, I thought to myself.

Met up with Babe at Pudu (oh, did I mention that I was on the bus to KL? oopsie.)and had our late dinner at a mamak.
Maggi goreng tambah mata kerbau!
But it came with scrambled egg. Whose fault, whose fault was it???? Babe arrrrrr.
Nonetheless, it was delicious and my sore throat said 'Hie' to me once more.

Till I say bye to KL, BYE for now! huh?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tea Anyone?

Today, today. Had my Visual Basic class as usual. Boring as usual too.
Ended pretty early and guess what, the lecturer cabut even earlier than any of us did.
It was a torturous day for me because my tooth was aching and my body was so heaty that I could hardly eat properly thanks to my swollen tongue, if ya know what I mean.

But luckily, it got better later in the evening!
Me and my girls went out to have dinner at a nearby tea house.
I found out that tea can get me high very easily. Or was it the company? Hmmm.
Talking about the former, it was my 2nd time there but still I was so high.
If only alcohol could get me this high. Haha. I have high tolerance towards alcohol kay. Try me :)
We went out at about 7pm and reached campus almost 11pm. Scary isn't it how a tea house could make a bunch of not so-innocent girls stay till so long.

With my Kakak, a smartie.

With Ah Choon, THE smartie.

Lup Lup couldn't resist me at times. Most of the times. Hehehe.

Left to right: Zhe Min, Me and Yu Xuan.

I started out the whole picture-taking frenzy and got a few friends down with me. Hee.
Photos are yet to be uploaded because my dear friend, Zhe Min went to have supper not long after we came back from dinner. And that's what I call 'respecto!' :D

A small corner of the tea house.

Me pretending to look pro.

Tomorrow's the last day of class before Raya break!
The weekend I dreaded the most has reached.
The final countdown officially begins. TICK TOCK.... *frowns*

ps: I screwed up the posting time somehow. Do not ask me why!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Test Is Over!

Oh yea, my test is finally over! For this week, BAH.
I couldn't answer 1 out of the 7 questions though. ):
I wouldn't say it's a bad thing cause I seriously have no idea how to answer it. Hehe.

So now, back to business, THERMODYNAMICS.
This is one subject I love and hate at the same time.
Wondering why I suddenly talk about thermo?
That's because I haven't been revising on it since like, forever!

Looking forward to Raya holidays though.
It's gonna be a study packed holiday for me.
At the same time, I wanna chill!

As for now, PEACE y'all!

Do Not Look At My Right Eye

Yesterday, all kinds of naughty viruses decided to attack me again. This time, it's my right eye. After napping yesterday, I woke up with my eye so sore that all I saw was red. Haha. No-lah. It's just that I think I've got infected with conjunctivitis. It got worse this morning when I woke up at 0720. I looked into the mirror and saw my eye swollen like a buah ciku. Seriously! There was no eyelid at all! The swelling subsided after 3 hours much thanks to the massage I did for the whole 3 dem hours with a wet cloth. A bit too embarrased to go down to the cafeteria you see. Hee :)

Babe came to my campus in the afternoon. We cycled out to have lunch at a nearby coffee shop. Chit-chat for about 2 hours and it's time for him to head home with the shuttle bus. The date was short but sweet. Another first time. *grins*

Now, my eye is much better and there's no more greenish discharge though the blood vessels are still visible. Thank God. Cause' if not, I'd have problem doing my test tomorrow!! *smiles*

Monday, September 22, 2008

A New One

So, I've changed from spaces to blogspot. :)

My Traveled Map

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