Sunday, April 19, 2015

Random Photos Over The Months

While I try to salvage whatever that's left of my Sunday, I shall do a quick post on the happy things I've gone through since the beginning of the year.

Lots have happened, but I'll just share the ups! :)

Let's go!

1. Having a place on our own means a lot to me partly because it means I'll have my own little private space to experiment with anything I want which includes cooking! :) 

Have always loved eggs Benedicts so I prepared one! Hollandaise sauce totally need more practice. :-/

2. Spending CNY in Penang as usual. Went up to Kek Lok Si again despite all the jam but we made it! Here's a photo of myself with mom.

I just noticed that big grin on mum's face! Hahaha.

3. In desperate mode of having a quick getaway. Babe and I decided to go to Avani Sepang Gold Coast while we keep dreaming about Maldives for now... :P

Beautiful day in Avani!

4. Spent our 11th Anniversary in Krabi!

Sunset right outside the balcony of our room. :)

5. Celebrated my 28th birthday with the ladies. Ahhh, what more could a girl ask for!

Thanks again for the wonderful time, ladies! Much lovesss

6. I just have to, don't I? :P

Taken while having dinner at Pasta Zanmai in MidValley but man, they are closed now?!?!

7. My 28th birthday present from Babe!! Which I'm blogging from now yo. :D

Good to have a birthday that falls before GST kick starts in Malaysia. :D

8. Random coffee photo.

9. Dolled up for brunch with Babe at Red Bean Bag and requested for an #OOTD shot.

Haha. Erm..moving on..

10. Left the company I've been working with since 2011. Too much love lost in (for) the company.

Missing my ex-colleagues!!

11. Moving on to a new role the following week. Regretted not taking any break at all between jobs!

Can you guess where?

12. Wild night out with ex-colleagues while I still can. Love my make up that night!

Should have taken a close-up shot of my eye make up. :P 

13. Invited friends over for dinner while I tested the new oven. Babe's mom got us the oven! :)

14. Brunch with my ex-stars ladies. Missing them lots! Caught up at Wanderlust, Solaris Mont Kiara.

Colorful brunch! A twist to the normal brunch menu I must say.

Okay now moving on to cooking dinner for tonight! Ciao!


Monday, March 30, 2015

Girls' Generation and SHINee Live In Sepang International Circuit 2015

Any KPop fan would know that Girls' Generation or SNSD and SHINee came to Malaysia yesterday!
They were invited to perform at the F1 After-Race Concert at Sepang International Circuit this year!

You must be wondering as someone who doesn't speak much about KPop, how did I manage to land myself there?
One fine day, CP decided to ask if I'm interested in going to the concert to watch those unbelievably good looking and hot humans for RM80 and I was like, "Of course!!".

Well come to think of it, it'll never be this cheap again unless if the government decided to invite them over the way they invited Psy to Penang a few years ago.

Anyway, less talk, more photos!

We arrived at 4pm and we had no choice but to stand in the blazing heat together with the rest of the hardcore KPop fans. We are definitely one of the oldest there if I may say so. :-/

The queue in front of us. The gates are where the white canopies are in front.

Lesson learnt at a (cheap/affordable) KPop concert in Malaysia: 
Do not bother to go there early because the management is so poor that they don't even bother to put barricades to keep people in queue.

Upon entering, we made our way, okay fine we ran to the front of the stage hoping to get a good position haha. I think we were pretty good actually!

This was our view of the evening:

We were first entertained by GTXperiment who got the crowd hyped up with Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars. Can't get any better than that!

Love their energy and I like how they give a fresh breathe of our local entertainment scene.

And then, the sky decided to pour on us when Hitch Hiker was performing. Hitch Hiker, who is a Korean DJ stunned the crowd with its metallic and astronaut-like costume. But too bad, I don't quite know how to enjoy beats like his....
Okay..I didn't get any pictures because it was raining and almost everyone had their umbrella up at that time.
Then SNSD and SHINee's songs kept playing for about 30minutes before they eventually appeared! Everyone went bonkers when the girls came out!
This was my first view...with my camera up in the air!! Pffft. Could barely see anything with my height and those balloons!

Thank God the rain eventually stopped and the ladies could make their way to the front of the stage! :D
Now the party has just begun!
All except Yoona were there. Aren't they stunningly gorgeous?!

The 2 groups took their turns to perform one after another. I can't remember the sequence of the songs because I was busy getting mesmerised by them and with the wind blowing their hair...omg I am not even sure if I'm straight anymore. 

Took a couple of SNSD shots throughout their performances:

When the girls were performing Gee, the confetti got into Tiffany's way and poor girl did all she could to get rid of it till she had to say sorry haha. Not that we mind..she can just smile and do nothing and melt hearts at the same. @.@

Confetti got blown towards them by the wind.

You can see Tiffany struggling with the confetti right before the rest pointed at her and said "pabo"!

It's the boys' turn! Honestly, I've heard of SHINee before but I'm more interested in Super Junior so I haven't heard of their songs but heck, all KPop guys are so good looking! 
If you're looking for manly and muscular guys, maybe KPop is not the right place...

Photos of SHINee up ahead!

Ahhh...just smile will do...just smileeeee

There were still lightning but luckily there wasn't any rain when they were performing. 
With all the energy exerted, I could barely even breathe and the young girl in front of me went like, "OH MY GAWDDDD" literally while covering her mouth in awe. 
I think I would be like her too if I were 5 years younger. Haha.

So much energy!! I like!!!

Anyway, the crowd shouted for "Encore" in the wrong pronunciation (obviously) but of course they did not return for more songs.

It was a great evening nonetheless! Got drenched in the rain but it was all worth it to see these way too good looking people!

Ending the post with an awesome shot of Taemin!



Saturday, January 31, 2015

Part 1 - Happy 11th to Us!

Ahh. First post of 2015. Funny how I still write 2014 on my notebook sometimes.

Anyway, the year didn't kick off that well, or rather it's a continuation from the previous year. But I will not let it last. 

So, I've decided that I should start the blog this year with something positive! Babe and I just celebrated our 11th Anniversary on 24th January and we went off to Krabi for the weekend.
Funny thing is, we only booked it like few weeks before the travel date which is crazy! 
No thanks to his busy schedule. *shift eyes*

Upon arriving at the Krabi Airport, we bought the island hopping tour for 1200 Baht per person for the Phi Phi Islands tour. Normal price is 1800 Baht so perhaps you can get a better deal at the airport!

Travelling to your hotel in Krabi is fairly simple. Just buy a one way ticket to Ao Nang / Krabi town (whichever your hotel is at) for 150 Baht and you're ready to go! The bus departs every 15 mins if not mistaken.

Airport shuttle bus!

In the airport shuttle bus.

However, we were expecting to be dropped right at our hotel when the driver asked us to wait at a shop after the town area probably because it'll be easier to drop the bunch of us who are staying nearby each other. After about 30mins of waiting, finally we were ushered onto a pick up truck....not too shabby though.

3 groups of people heading to Ao Nang!

It was only short 30 mins or less to reach Ao Nang and this was where we were expecting to stay at:

A standalone bungalow unit at Golden Beach Resort. That cat decided to follow us somehow...and got too cosy some times.

But the hotel staff claimed that the internet was down when we made the booking so they didn't manage to capture our booking and the hotel was full! But thankfully they managed to upgrade us to a room in Ao Nang Villa Resort which is just next to Golden Beach.

Checked out the beach while waiting to check in.

The hotels are just next to the beach which is great for sunset :D

First meal in Thailand was Big Breakfast because we were too hungry to check out other places.

No caption needed.

The beach in front of the hotels were always crowded with lots of people sunbathing! Most of them are quite veterans though...

Since we only had half day left on our first day in Krabi, we decided to book the Elephant Trekking and Tiger Cave Temple tour so that we don't over exert ourselves on a holiday! So we quickly grabbed the famous Thailand pancake before going on the tour.

I had cheese and ham pancake (50 Baht) while he got the Nutella one (30 Baht)!

Started off with elephant trekking! The day was so hot and we were sweating buckets! Although I did feel a little bad for having the elephants to carry us around..but Babe said elephants are sacred in Thailand and this is one of the ways to make sure the elephants continue to be taken care of. Thank you, elephants for the wonderful ride! :)

Just the greens. Love it!

Our little friends we made during the trip.

After a round (quite big round really) on the elephants, we were then ushered to another area to watch the baby elephant show.

Awesome Baby! (yes, this baby is aptly named Baby)

We were all very impressed of how she managed to take instructions so well and she's very tame too!

Next on the itinerary was the famous Buddhist temple known as the Tiger Cave Temple. History has it that there used to be a tiger who lived there hence the paw prints on the wall of the cave. 

There are 2 paths at this temple where you can either choose to visit the cave (which is a more leisure one) or the strenuous one to go all the way up to the top of the mountain with great scenic view of Krabi.
There's also a Buddha statue at the top of the mountain, too (if you're willing to climb 1300 steps that is).

Deciding which path to take.

In the end, we decided to explore the cave instead heheh.

Stumbled upon this Buddha statue while exploring the cave. Very well kept area!

The temple outside the cave. Majestic looking temple. Looks like they're still building a huge pagoda behind!

That is all we did on the first day. Was starving like mad and I was craving for some tomyam (duh) so we went to a restaurant called Tom Yam. Oh yes.

Shared a bottle of Chang beer just because. :P

The famous long tail boat with the Krabi sunset as the background.

Ao Nang Villa Resort's pool view.

That's all for Part 1! Part 2 will be on Phi Phi Islands tour! Fun day ahead!


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