Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Wedding Diary Episode 3: Why You Should Read This For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

This, I learned the hard way. Presumably like many couples who are getting married, one of the things that the bride would normally look forward to is the pre-wedding photoshoot. I'm not any different.

So I mentioned that we have selected the location of the shoot earlier and made all necessary payment for the photoshoot.
After what I've gone through, I would love to share my experiences with all the couples who are planning to have their pre-wedding shoot in the future.

So here's what you might want to know when you're deciding on your pre-wedding photoshoot:

1. Bridal Shop

Credits to the photographer.

Most bridal shops these days provide almost everything you need for your wedding including:
a. Packages for pre-wedding photoshoot including photographers, make up artist (MUA), photoshoot location, photo albums, etc.
b. Bridal gowns (and groom's attire) for pre-wedding photoshoot and actual wedding day
c. Wedding car decorations

I have heard many horror stories of how some bridal shops at wedding fairs would actually trick you into getting their cheap packages and ask you to add on for nicer wedding gowns later.

So the question is:

"Should you sign up for a package at a bridal/wedding 
fair or at the bridal shop itself?"

Here's what we did (and recommend doing):

a. First, visit the bridal fair to know what's being offered in the market especially for couples who are as noobshit like us. 

Do not, I repeat, do not, just sign up on the first bridal booth you come across. The strategy of these sales people (SAs) at such fair is to let you think that you're being offered the best/cheapest package compared to the rest of the booths. Insist on saying you'll come back to them later (unless of course if you're happy with the package, you can always sign up immediately).

b. Note that most bridal booths will display their best wedding gowns at the fair. These gowns normally need additional top up (on top of the package they offer you). The basic ones included in the package are usually not shown at the fair.

If you can, ask the SAs how much would it require to get the more exclusive gowns and negotiate with them there and then if you're interested to sign up at the fair itself.

c. Secondly, if you're like us, prefer to see ALL the dresses that the bridal shop offers, you can go straight to the bridal shop itself (might need to make appointment in advance). This step may seem more difficult as you would need to travel to different shops and this will definitely consume your time.

However, the perks of doing this include getting to see the basic and the more exclusive gowns in the shop. This way you can find out if you like the their dresses before signing up with them.

Tips: Take the opportunity to go to the bridal shops when they have in-house promotion from time to time.

2. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 

Credits to the photographer.

Once you have decided on the bridal shop, you would be ask to decide where you would want to have your pre-wedding photoshoot at. Here are a few tips I would like to share based on our experience:

a. Select a location which is within your wedding budget.

This is of course a no-brainer. But you have to note that some bridal shops charge additional sum to fly their photographers and MUA to the photoshoot location. If possible, get a bridal shop that has a sister branch in that preferred location to minimize the cost.

For overseas photoshoot, select a country which you can speak their language as well. <---this failed="" horribly.="" p="" we="">

Both Babe and I are strong in our English but our spoken Chinese language is just...meh. For me, I can understand Chinese but it's not easy for me to express the language in words.

Guess where we chose our photoshoot location?

"MACAU". Yes, of all the places, we decided to go to Macau. BAD MOVE!

We had so much difficulty conveying our points across to both the photographer and the MUA. :(

b. Pre-wedding photoshoot gowns might be a little tricky to choose especially since most bridal shops would want to suck out all your money so that you top up some amount to get nicer gowns.

My advice is to make sure that you have a variety of gowns for the photoshoot. I'm usually all for the princessee type of gowns (A-shape) but because I wanted to have different looks, I did opt for a mermaid shaped evening gown as well.

NOTE: This is where the SAs will bring the more exclusive gowns for you to try without you even know and when you fall in love with that gown, that's when you'll be brainwashed to pay more for it!

c. For the bride-to-be, make sure you do your homework on the type of hairstyles and make up you prefer before the photoshoot.

Because I did not do mine (plus my inability to let the MUA know exactly what I want), my MUA screwed up my hairdo. Yes, I HATED MY HAIRDO!!!

3. Selecting Pre-Wedding Photos

Credits to the photographer.

In my own definition of pre-wedding photos, these photos should immortalise you and your husband-to-be's youthfulness so that when you look at the photos 50 years later, you will remember how you look like when you were once young (unless you look much hotter when you're 70 or 80 haha).

If the package you sign up for only includes say, 40 pieces of photo, the SAs will normally ask you to select more and provide you another package which you are entitled to if you buy additional photos.

Tips: Try to sound uninterested with the additional photos as much as you can. The more you sound like you're going to stick to your original 40 pieces (means they won't be making more money out of you), the more the SAs are likely to give you a better offer if you purchase additional photos.

Instead of paying $$$$, we ended up only paying another $$$ for our photos!

Hope this helps! Will talk about wedding reception location next!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Blog Filler: So Many Things Are Still Pending!

Before Babe proposed, I've always thought I had it all. Wedding may be a huge thing but hey, I have it at the back of my hand. *blows nails*

But prize for guessing who's freaking out now with 3 weeks to go before the photoshoot.

1. Gowns not chosen
2. No wedding shoes
3. Hair not dyed
4. No idea for casual shoot

and the list goes on...

On the bright side, I still managed to squeeze some time in to have brunch with my fiancé. hehe.

So excited for the weekend!! (Actually it's just gonna be like any other weekend but who doesn't love weekends?!)


Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Wedding Diary Episode 2: Of Choices and Advices

I'm sure we all have heard it all before: Marriage is NOT a 2-person affair.
It's more than that.

If you're lucky, it will usually involve just the family and the couple.
If you're a little unlucky, it will also involve the family, the friends and the couple.
If you're just pure unlucky, it will involve all of the above and people whom you have not even heard of but decided to stick their nose into your marriage affair anyway.

Depends on how you see it, my marriage planning so far involves the family, the friends and us.
I have no one to blame but myself because I'm always the play-nice type where I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings and eventually I end up being the one getting hurt.

In terms of family, there'll be issues on...well, everything.
As much as you want to have your OWN say in certain things, there'll always be some family members who will think that it's best if you do it their way because after all they are the ones who have the experience, not you.
They will think that you do not know how to look for reception venues, pre-wedding shoot, bridal gowns, bridesmaids' (and best men's) attires and duties, flower bouquet, videography, well, you get the gist. Pretty much EVERYTHING.
Worse is when you tend to deviate from their opinions, they will end their sentences with, "Ok la it's up to you. It's not my wedding anyway." I can practically see my blood veins ON my skin now.

As for friends, from selecting bridesmaids (AND MOH), to deciding who does what and when, who to follow you to the bridal shop to select the gowns, etc, all these should sounds rather easy, you'd say?
See what I meant when I said I always play nice?
I know it's my wedding and I should just do what I want. 

But...if you think of it, my wedding is just one most 2 days. 
These people will be around more than just those 2 days. 

Anyway, quick update:

We have finally decided on our bridal shop and pre-wedding photography!

More to come!


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