Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shu Uemura Foundation Review: Lightbulb Foundation vs. skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation

This is the review I have been waiting for for the past months!
Finally after experiencing these 2 foundation, I can come up with a short review on them and which is my favorite!
I will not go into details as I'm not a make up expert and I do not want to fake things up by pretending as if I know what cosmetic water is!
So, here's my side by side comparison on both foundation based on 4 major characteristics of the foundation:

1. Bottle design

Lightbulb: Sturdy and heavier than skin:FIT's. Cylindrical shape, just like skin:FIT, no gripping issues. Nothing unique.
skin:FIT: Smaller than lightbulb and easier to bring around for travelling. No gripping issues, too!
WINNER: Draw, depending on the situation at which you are using the foundation. If you travel a lot, skin:FIT would be a better choice.
2. Texture of liquid

Lightbulb: Thick with buildable coverage. Perfect for those who like to look flawless upon application.
skin:FIT: Lightweight and more liquid than lightbulb. Pouring the foundation onto the palm might be a hassle as the liquid tends to run down the lines on the palm so extra caution is needed. 

WINNER: Lightbulb for me, of course! I love foundation that does its job well and hassle-free!

3. Application method

Lightbulb: Comes with a unique custom sponge. Both ends of the sponge are catered for different purposes. The rounded end is to give you a flawless and glowy finish while the sharper end is to enable you to reach the corners which are difficult to reach.

skin:FIT: Also comes with a pentagon-shaped sponge with a brush function on one side to pick up the liquid and spread across the face while the other side is to absorb the excess liquid.

WINNER: Draw, cannot be compared directly since both application methods are different.

4. Finishing look

Lightbulb: Glowy, smooth and dewy look.

skin:FIT: Lightweight and no finishing powder needed. Suitable for those who do not like heavy make up.

WINNER: Lightbulb because I'm all for the glowy look!

I guess it's pretty obvious I like the Lightbulb foundation better haha. 
skin:FIT is great for those who are not used to heavy make up and prefer to wear foundation on a 
daily basis as it is lightweight and the coverage is just nice for daily usage.

Lightbulb on the other hand gives a really good glowy finishing which I really love because it can transform my dull skin to a healthier-looking one!

Hope this helps!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy "Independence" Day?

Today, the country I was born in 28 years ago is supposed to achieve its 58th years of "Independence".

However, the word "Independent" has slowly losing its meaning to a lot of my countrymen because of all the corrupted politicians we have in the country and it made us wonder if we have ever truly being Independent after so many years.

We have billions of donation that appeared in the PM's account, we have top people in the country like the A-G being sacked after the donation issues, murder cases related to top politicians yet the criminals are still at large, plummeting of the local currency, etc. 

So, are we still celebrating the 58th Independence Day today? 

The power is in the hands of the people, not the leaders. I can't wait for the day my lovely country is truly INDEPENDENT.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips

As someone who puts on make up everyday, I am always on the lookout for the best make up remover in town so that my skin can be thoroughly cleaned after a long day.
I've tried a lot of make up removers throughout the year - oil-based, water-based, cream and gel type..etc.
I usually use different removers based on my liking but I will only use cleansing oil for heavy make up because I find that the oil dissolves the make up faster.
As for this one, I have been using the Clinique Makeup Remover for more than a year now (hehe because I don't use it everyday!) and I'm still loving it!
I bought it when I was in the UK and I love how gentle this remover is to my skin.

Haha! You can see that I've almost used up all that's left of the remover. :P

Noticed the dual-phase formulae?  
I love how this remover removes waterproof make up effectively.
Do note that it leaves a slightly greasy residue upon removing the make up so be sure to use a facial cleanser to completely remove the residue from your face!


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